Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 Package available for download

A deb package of jpdfbookmarks for Ubuntu 8.04 is now ready for download at the download page. It offers a better integration then the general Linux installer in the Ubuntu environment. It also install the man page for the program that you can access as usual with:

man jpdfbookmarks

If you are an Ubuntu user you should choose this method of installation, if you already installed the program with the general Linux installer, uninstall it using the uninstall program in the installation directory, the command should be something like:

sudo /usr/local/lib/jpdfbookmarks/uninstall

then download the .deb file and double click it to install or use the command:

sudo dpkg -i jpdfbookmarks_1.2.1ubuntu0_all.deb

The package depends on a java runtime environment version 5 or later, so to install the package you first need to have installed one of sun-java6-bin, sun-java5-jre or openjdk-6-jre packages, anyway you can just try to install and the package manager will tell you if dependencies are satisfied.

Friday, August 1, 2008

JPdfBookmarks 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 of JPdfBookmarks is ready for download.

This new release adds one major feature which is the possibility to modify several bookmarks with one action.

If you need to make the same modifications to multiple bookmarks, you can select more then one item in the tree holding down the "Control" key, then edit the attributes you want to apply to all of them, don't matter about the others. Press the apply button and a dialog will be shown, here you can check which attributes must be applied to all the selected bookmarks the unchecked ones will be ignored, when finished press the "Apply to All" button in the dialog.

This version also resolves a bug affecting users with the java runtime 5, so those who had problems with previous releases should try this one.

The Help menu has now an item to connect to internet and read the manual of jpdfbookmarks online.