Sunday, January 24, 2010

JPdfBookmarks 2.0.1

Binaries and source code of JPdfBookmarks 2.0.1 are now available on source-forge. This is not much different from version 2.0.0, just a few bugs corrected (but many more are surely still there), the important thing of this release is that now JPdfBookmarks si "Free Software" with source code available under the GPL version 3.
I don't provide any installer for this version just archives with binaries, read the README file in the distributed folder for instructions on how to launch the program, the reason for this choice is that the program is still in a early stage of development and I prefer to spend all of my time resolving the bugs that I hope you will report. Remember that feedback from users is very important for me so don't  hesitate to  contact me here on the Blog or on the source-forge forum.

Monday, January 11, 2010

JPdfBookmarks Has Gone Open Source

I'm proud to announce that JPdfBookmarks is now open source, released subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (GPLv3 for short) and hosted on SourceForge. The reasons for making this choice are numerous, to name only a few:
  • receiving help from the community to fix bugs and implement new features;
  • having more flexibility in the choice of the libraries the program uses;
  • using code released by other open source projects using a compatible license;
  • facilitating the distribution of the software;
  • improving programming skills receiving (constructive) criticism by other developers;
  • I make use of a lot of open source software and libraries, it's time to contribute somehow.
For the time being there is no binary package that can be downloaded by normal users, but an advanced user or a java developer can already access the sourceforge subversion repository and build the project, a small guide follows.

My development environment is the JDK 6, I use the Netbeans IDE version 6.7.1 but you can build jpdfbookmarks on the command line using ant if you prefer. Netbeans have very good subversion integration if you use this IDE I recommend it, otherwise download an appropriate subversion client for your system, I will first guide you to build the program in Netbeans and then on the command line.

From the Netbeans menu choose "Team->Subversion->Checkout" and you will get the following dialog:

 the repository url to enter is then click next and you will get to the following panel:

 choose trunk as the repository folder and check "Skip "trunk" and checkout only its content", choose the local folder, for example C:\Users\username\Documents\NetbeansProjects\jpdfbookmarks, and check "Scan for Netbeans Projects after Checkout", then click Finish. Wait for the download to finish and then you get:

click on "Open Project ..." and you have:

select the project jpdfbookmarks_core, check "Open Required" and click Open.
 Run the project in Netbeans with F6 key or with the appropriate Run menu item.

If you prefer using the command line download the current source with the command:

 $> svn co jpdfbookmarks 

enter the directory containing the main project with:

$> cd jpdfbookmarks/jpdfbookmarks_core

build the project with:

$> ant jar

execute the program with:

$> java -jar dist/jpdfbookmarks.jar

Any feedback of any kind is really appreciated, post comments here or at sourceforge or send me an e-mail,
thank you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

JPdfBookmarks Stopped

I am sorry to report that I have to stop the distribution  of JPdfBookmarks, I probably will migrate the project to open source as soon as I have enough time to spend on it, for the time I cannot comply with some licenses compatibility so I cannot ditribute the program anymore. 
Thanks to all for your support and beg your pardon.