Saturday, March 20, 2010


JPdfBookmarks version 2.2.0 is out, download it from source-forge. This release resolves the HeadlessException bug affecting servers without a graphic environment and adds some new experimental features requested by users.
Now browsing through the pages is easier, if you continue to scroll a page up or down  past its scrolling limits, using the mouse or the keyboard, you are taken to the previous or next page, this increases usability a lot in my opinion.

On some platforms (on Windows for sure) it is now possible to drag and drop a PDF file over the JPdfBookmarks main panel to open it.
From the command line is now possible to add a bookmark pointing to another PDF file using the form:

Chapter 1/9,Black,notBold,notItalic,open,FitWidth,206,GoToFile,file.pdf

I tried to implement the same possibility in the GUI but is still very experimental, anyway if you want to try it you have to open another instance of jpdfbookmarks to open the target PDF and create there the bookmark you want, copy it with CTRL+C or with the context menu, then go back to the other instance and paste with CTRL+V or context menu.

Another feature requested by you, and now available, is the possibility to use the command line to modify a PDF to show bookmarks as soon as it is opened in a viewer, it is done with the --show-on-open (-w is the short form) argument which takes CHECK, YES or NO as parameters (not case sensitive and c, y or n are the short forms). For example:

jpdfbookmarks --show-on-open check file.pdf

will print YES or NO to tell you what is the current setting;

jpdfbookmarks -w y file.pdf -o output.pdf

will create a copy of file.pdf named output.pdf that will show bookmarks as soon as opened in a viewer.

I hope you will find useful these new features as I do, there are probably many bugs but I hope you will help me to find them with comments and reports.

Thank you, best regards.