Sunday, January 24, 2010

JPdfBookmarks 2.0.1

Binaries and source code of JPdfBookmarks 2.0.1 are now available on source-forge. This is not much different from version 2.0.0, just a few bugs corrected (but many more are surely still there), the important thing of this release is that now JPdfBookmarks si "Free Software" with source code available under the GPL version 3.
I don't provide any installer for this version just archives with binaries, read the README file in the distributed folder for instructions on how to launch the program, the reason for this choice is that the program is still in a early stage of development and I prefer to spend all of my time resolving the bugs that I hope you will report. Remember that feedback from users is very important for me so don't  hesitate to  contact me here on the Blog or on the source-forge forum.

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