Tuesday, February 9, 2010

JPdfBookmarks 2.1.0

JPdfBookmarks 2.1.0 is now ready for download. This release fixes some bugs and adds the features of text extraction from a rectangle in the PDF page and the possibility to use the system clipboard in a convenient way. 
The text extraction tool can be activated from the "Tools" menu, from the toolbar  button or with the shortcut "CTRL + ALT + T", when the tool  is active you can drag the mouse on the page to draw a rectangle over the text to extract. On the status bar (lower left) you can read a preview of the extracted text, at least a portion of it, if there is no text in the status bar than the extraction has failed. After you have extracted the text it will be used automatically has the title of the next bookmarks you will create until you deactivate the tool or extract a new portion of text. Sometimes the program will fail to extract the text (always check the status bar to diagnose this), try to redraw the rectangle larger or smaller and if it continues to fail I suggest to give up, this is where the tool "Use System Clipboard" can help. When that tool is active you can copy text from any other program to the system clipboard and it will be used automatically as the title of the next bookmarks created, the connection also works in the opposite sense so when you extract text using JPdfBookmarks it will be also automatically copied to the system clipboard, but remember  that this is only if the tool is active. 
I hope you will find new features useful and the software a bit more stable than the preceding versions, please remember to give some feedback thank you.