Saturday, April 14, 2012

Greek translation for JPdfBookmarks

I am very happy to announce the first official translation of JPdfBookmarks to Greek. 

Thanks to the great work of George Fragos the next release of the program will be available also in Greek, the program use the language of the System on which is running without any user intervention, so if the default locale of your OS is Greek, JPdfBookmarks will automatically start with Greek localization. 

If you want to try the new language without waiting for a new release you must build JPdfBookmarks from source, read this old post for a guide on how to build JPdfBookmarks (I suggest to use NetBeans version 6.9.1), the command line parameters to start the program in Greek, when your System language is another, are "-Duser.language=el".

Thank you very much again to George Fragos for his contribution. This is how the open source community should go.