Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JPdfBookmarks 1.2.3

Version 1.2.3 is out, you can download it from the Download Page. Uninstall any previous version before installing this one.

This release fixes a bug present in previous versions that caused the bookmarks to stop working after the pdf was “linearized” with an external program like Acrobat Pro or similar, so I recommend everyone to upgrade to this release even if you don’t need the new features.

In this release the command line mode supports the same kind of bookmarks of the graphic user interface.
The file format to dump and load bookmarks is now:

Title of bookmark/target page[,FitType,TopOffset,LeftOffset]>

like the following example:

where the part on the left of the '/' character is the title of the bookmark and the part on the right is the target page of the bookmark. The page number is optionally followed by comma separated values, the first parameter is the fit type used for the bookmarks. If this type is TopLeft then other two parameters are necessary, the top and left offsets in thousandths of the page height and width (zoom factor will be inherited), if the type is FitWidth only the top offset is necessary while if the fit type is FitHeight only the left offset must be specified. The type FitPage doesn't need any other parameter. If no parameter follows the page number then FitWidth is assumed with no offset. Text indentation represents the hierarchy of the outlines and must be obtained with "tab characters" (spaces will not work) so check that your text editor doesn’t replace tab characters with spaces because many have this behavior as a default.

Now you can dump or load bookmarks to or from a text file also from the graphic user interface, in the Tools menu there are the two commands “Dump Bookmarks” and “Load Bookmarks” that will let you choose the text file to use. Remember that the text file doesn’t retain information on color or style of bookmarks.

In the toolbar a check box has been added that you can select if you wish that the bookmarks are shown automatically whenever the pdf file is opened in a compliant reader.

When starting the program from command line passing a pdf file as a parameter the –gui keyword is now optional so you can now use simply jpdfbookmarks file.pdf to start the graphic interface and open file.pdf, this makes easier to associate the pdf files to the program and use context menus in file managers.

I would like to thank Marco Ardito, Doug Ranz, Daniel Werner and Malcolm Bennet for helping and motivating me reporting bugs and giving really smart hints for new features.


m.ardito said...

Thanks Flaviano, i just discovered 1.2.3 release but love all of the new features, all together they make pdf bookmarking as easy as... 1.2.3 :))

I will soon be in the need of jpdfbookmarks again, and will report about this new exciting release!

Ciao! Marco

flavianopetrocchi said...

Thank you Marco, I look forward to reading your precious comments. Ciao!

Anonymous said...

Ciao, ti scrivo in italiano perchè immagino tu sia italiano dal nome :)

ho fatto un articolo al tuo jpdfbookmarks nel mio blog (link)

Volevo inoltre chiederti, c'è un modo per fargli usare il tema GTK+ ad ogni avvio automaticamente senza doverlo selezionare a mano ogni volta? Non mi memorizza quella preferenza...

flavianopetrocchi said...

Ciao, grazie per l'articolo sul tuo blog, purtroppo JPdfBookmarks alla versione attuale (1.2.3) non memorizza le preferenze e non c'è un modo per far partire direttamente l'applicazione con il tema GTK+. Magari nella prossima versione cercherò di aggiungere questa possibilità, grazie del suggerimento.

ade agung h said...

Wow its cool,
Thanks for your kindness, my friend looking for this to make a bookmark for their thesis, and i will tell it for them.

Julien Boulnois said...

Nice tool, but I can't find a way to manage encoding. Is it possible to use utf-8 or latin1 with that tool ?

ok said...

But it can't load arabic bookmarks!
Is it possible?

flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello, sorry but I have no experience with arabic characters, if you send me the pdf and the text file you are trying to load I can make some test, thank you.