Saturday, September 18, 2010


This version adds the possibility to apply most actions to multiple selected bookmarks. For example you can cut copy and paste several bookmarks together, this is useful also to overcame limits of the "drag-with-mouse" functionality that currently works only for a single bookmark. 

The commands to change (or append) destination of a bookmark are now also available for a multiple bookmarks selection, the action to set the bookmarks to the current view now asks if you want to keep the page number of the selected bookmarks, this can be useful to apply a zoom factor or a top offset to multiple bookmarks without changing the target page.

All this actions are undoable.

A license box has been added when you first start the program asking you to agree with the GPL license, I am sorry for this nuisance but it is important that you know what you get with this software, and what you can or cannot do with it.

Some bugs have been fixed:  
  • "Collapse All" action now correctly collapses inner nodes;
  • some custom indentation strings caused a wrong parsing of bookmarks from text files;
  • mouse cursor appearance when text selection is active not changing. 
Please continue to send me bugs reports and features requests, it is really appreciated thank you.


Anonymous said...

JPdfBookmarks-2.4.2 is truly a nice piece of work. I need wysiwyg output. no Bookmarks mo format related information. i can't find the way to change default Separators. any suggestion...Thank you ..

flavianopetrocchi said...

If you are using the graphic interface go open the Options dialog (menu Tools->Options) , go to the "Values Separators" panel and there you can change the separators, in the preview box you can see the result. If you use the command line use the --page-sep, --attributes-sep and --indentation arguments followed by the strings you want to use as separators.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thank you for the reply.

Indeed I tried GUI -Values Separators option. But still i am not able to figure it out what i want. Here is an example and sample desired output.

Current SAMPLE Dump Output:

Desired Dump Output:

In this case, I am just trying to get rid of anything from "/-". also i don't want to loose tree structure.

Thanks in Advanced.

flavianopetrocchi said...

You can do this with the sed program, suppose you have dumped bookmarks to a file called bookmarks.txt, open a terminal in the folder where bookmarks.txt is and launch the command:

sed 's/\/.*$//' bookmarks.txt > clean.txt

now clean.txt should contain the hierarchy of bookmarks with the titles only. sed is available in any Linux distribution, on windows install cygwin or find a binary distribution of sed for windows and install it.

If you explain why you need this, maybe I can think to add this feature to the next jpdfbookmarks version, without the need of an external program.

Ankur said...

Thanks for the update. regex is also a good idea; I just want to identify the product documentation changes from two pdfs. If I could have bookmarks from two different version of pdf. it’s easy to do text compare and identify the changes. I will be happy to see to this feature added to any next jpdfbookmarks version. All your help is so much appreciated! Thank you :-))

Anonymous said...

I asked for it and here it is in your next update?!?!?!

That's great!

Great tool!
Great response to support!

See my donation.


flavianopetrocchi said...

I am sure your request will be very useful for many users, thank you very much for actively contributing to this project.

dptr13 said...

Hello, due to a post some years ago ( it sounds to me, that you are thinking about to establish "clean dump" function. Maybe you did, because one user said "Great response to support!". But I am not sure yet if or how it is working. So, is it possible to do the clean dump of bookmarks with the latest version of jpdfbookmarks? thank you.