Tuesday, February 8, 2011

JPdfBookmarks 2.5.1

This new release has some bugs fixed, the most important are the "Set destination" problem and the "Import bookmarks" problem.

It also adds a new feature to extract the links present in a page to bookmarks, for example you can extract the links in a "Table of Contents" page to the bookmarks panel,  the problem is that I am still not happy at how it works, text is often wrong, and it cannot recreate the hierarchy of the links. Anyway I have decided to insert it because it can be already useful even if after the extraction you surely need to adjust the bookmarks manually. To activate the feature press the button indicated by the arrow in the picture.

Thank you to all the people who have left comments and bugs report, keep it up.


John Antell said...

A suggestion to make you program even better.

It would be good if it could create a printable table of contents like this:

Table of contents

Bookmark1....................... 1

Bookmark2....................... 5


RNicz said...

There is bug in it.flavianopetrocchi.jpdfbookmarks.bookmark package in method Bookmark::bookmarkFromString.
FitRect coordinates are not correctly imported from bookmark file. Code in Bookmark::bookmarkFromString does not initialize bottom and right sides of view.


Bookmark file generated from PDF:

Bookmark file generated after importing above code to another PDF:

I've corrected this: how can I submit this and other suggestions too?
Best regards

flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello RNicz, thank you very much for reporting this bug, jpdfbookmarks still doesn't have an official bugtracking system, you can send the details of the bug and your suggestions to my personal e-mail. You can find my address in the README file or the about box of the program.

Anonymous said...

Is this program portable? ie can it run from a usb flash stick? Thank you.

flavianopetrocchi said...

The program can run from an usb stick if the system have a java virtual machine installed (version 6 or newer). Otherwise you have to put also the java runtime on the usb stick and customize the startup of the application to use that runtime. The program writes to the windows registry to save its settings, so it will leave traces on the host system even when run from an usb stick.

Anonymous said...

Problems with the program:
1. I am hungarian. The program is'nt handle the hungarian letters.
2. Dont save the 311 pager, only jpg-zipped (like fotocopy)document. Said "Map error"
3. Same with this document, if the program is not running first (for example after "Close document" commands), dont open this document.
Sorry, my english is not the best!

flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello, thank you for your reports. It is not easy for me to test the program in different locales, your description is not enough for me to reproduce the bugs you are reporting. If you can send me the pdf files that are showing the problems and a step by step guide to reproduce them. You can use my personal e-mail that you can find in the about box or in the readme file.

John Antell said...

I think there is a gap in the market for a program which can produce a printable table of contents like this:

Table of contents

Bookmark1....................... 1

Bookmark2....................... 5


I have worked out a way to do this using your program and spreadsheet software

see http://johnantell.co.uk/HowtoCreateaTrialBundleAlternativestoAcrobat.pdf

but it not elegant.

If you could enhance your program to do this easily perhaps you could corner the market!

John Antell said...

URL in previous comment should read


John Antell said...

URL in previous comment should read


flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello, I am not sure I have understood your requirements, it would help a lot to have an example of your "use case", try to send me a pdf file from wich to extract the table of contents and another one with the final result. You can use my personal e-mail that you can find in the about box or in the readme file of jpdfbookmarks.

Todd Stewart said...


I have just installed the Acrobat Standard X (10) and when I try to open a PDF scanned into the the new Acrobat the images donot show up in the JPDF bookmarking program. Is there a setting that I am missing in the Acrobat program?

Dan Regaz said...

Ciao Fabiano,

complimenti per il project... :)
Il sistema di bookmarking
sui pdf è molto utile ma ancora
molto poco sviluppato .
Per migliorarne la funzionalità
bisognerebbe che i bookmarks
personali apparissero in una colonna
a parte e non mischiati a quelli
già presenti...
Poi vedi se riesci a dare delle
indicazioni chiare e semplici sull'utilizzo per tutte le piattaforme e direttamente nella tua pagina home page del blog.
Essere Molto Chiari e Semplici è

I migliosi saluti

flavianopetrocchi said...

Ciao grazie per il commento, lo standard pdf non prevede segnalibri personali distinti da quelli già pre-esistenti, i programmi che lo fanno (tipo okular) non creano veri e propri segnalibri, infatti se poi apri il pdf in un altro programma non li trovi più. La documentazione è scarsa è vero, ma ho davvero poco tempo da dedicare a questo progetto e preferisco dedicarlo allo sviluppo. Grazie ancora per i suggerimenti ciao.

Clara said...

Hi Flaviano,

I just began to use JPdfBookmarks today and I wanted to let you know how much I like it and appreciate all the effort you put into its development. It is probably the best and most user-friendly PDF application I've used in Linux. I have Acrobat Professional on my Windows machine, and it has been a torturous struggle to recreate many of the 'simple' features to which I'm accustomed. Your software not only matches the experience but far exceeds it. I also found your install instructions clear and easy to follow (and thanks for including an image file to use for the launcher!).

Thanks for you all your great work!

flavianopetrocchi said...

I appreciate when people spend a little time to thank. Ciao Clara.

Alessandro said...

Ciao Flaviano,

I'm experiencing an issue with JPDFBookmarks 2.5.1 under Windows XP SP 2 (with the latest JVM).

I'm using it on a big PDF file (about 50 Mb, with tiff G4 and text layer under the image).

The file was optimized for web view and the initial view options were changed to single page (layout), fit page (zoom) and bookmarks and pages (navigation).

I'm able to open the file in JPB and add bookmarks.
When I save, the task finishes but the image view on the right pane disappear.

I'm not able anymore to view the images or navigate the document.

The counter pane on the toolbar reports "0 of 500 pages".

I believe the issue is related to the "single page (layout)" initial view option. If I change to "continuous mode" everything works as usual.

Thank you.


p.s. complimenti per il tuo splendido software, l'interfaccia è molto ben fatta e funzionale. Non ho trovato nulla di simile che mi consenta di lavorare velocemente.

flavianopetrocchi said...

Ciao Alessandro, it seems a bug in the save routine, it would help me a lot having your pdf file to reproduce the same behavior, if the file doesn't contain confidential data send me it to my e-mail address, you can find my address in the about box of the program. If you cannot send me it I will try to reproduce it in some other way.

Grazie di aver riportato il problema farò il possibile appena avrò un pò di tempo per correggere il programma. Ciao.

Alessandro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thunder7 said...

Sounds like you need a beta tester,
I FREQUENTLY bookmarks my massive finds and would like to send them to PDF.

How can I help?

flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello Thunder7, thank you very much for your offer, send me an e-mail to tell me more about yourself and what you generally do or would like to do with JPdfBookmarks. I generally collect bug reports in the sourceforge forums associated with the program or via e-mail and any help is really appreciated. I generally don't upload beta versions in sourceforge, so if you want to have access to the latest build you have to do it yourself, it is not hard with the right tools even if you are not a programmer and I can help of course. My e-mail address is in the about box of the program or in the README file.By contributing of course you acknowledge that contributions are provided strictly on a volunteer basis, without any pay or compensation of any kind.

Trav said...

Fantastic Program! I have been looking for something like this forever. Just used it for first time and loved it. Simple, straight forward, and effective. I have been so frustrated by all of the pdf readers that don't have this ability. Thanks for the job well done.

Anonymous said...

Great util. I export/import all the time. It would be great if the export/import could handle unicode since I use non-Roman characters in bookmarks.

Could your program also handle Adobe's "named destinations"? These are critical for bookmarking from document1.pdf to document2.pdf.

Finally, when JPdfBookmarks saves a file the PDF Producer field is populated with Chinese characters. Can this be changed to something else, e.g. blank or "JPdfBookmarks"?

Again, this is a VERY useful utility. Thanks.

GZ said...

Hi Faviano, I have started using your program to move some bookmarks from a bunch of pdf files to other actualiced ones. Everything works great using the cli to manage the batch. But I noticed that the program couldn't handdle big pdf files, I mean really big ones 1gb-2gb.
Any idea if this limitation could be bypassed?
Thanks for your attention an the fine software which saving me a lot of pain.

Anonymous said...

Good free software. Keep up the good work.
JPdfBookmarks was just I was looking for.


flavianopetrocchi said...

I am away for vacation I will answer your questions at the end of August, sorry about that. Thanky you, best regards.

flavianopetrocchi said...

Hello to all, thank you for your messages, but please try to use the forum to ask for support or to suggest things, it is much better for me and easier for other users.

Anonymous said...

Ciao, ottimo programma. Però sto tentando di esportare e rimportare i bookmark di un PDF in rumeno, e le lettere meno comuni me le sostituisce con un punto interrogativo. Ad esempio: "Caracteristici, aprob?ri ?i omolog?ri"
I caratteri mancanti in questa stringa sono la "a" con un accento tondo curvato all'insù, e una "s" con la cediglia.

E' possibile fixare questo errore? Grazie!

flavianopetrocchi said...

L'errore potrebbe essere causato da una problema di encoding, prova ad usare UTF-8 sia per l'esportazione che per l'importazione. Per settare l'encoding nell'interfaccia grafica vai in Strumenti->Preferenze nel tab Generale c'è l'opzione per cambiare encoding. Se usi la riga di comando usa l'opzione --encoding UTF-8 sia per esportare che per importare. Puoi sperimentare anche con altre codifiche. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Great app!

Unknown said...

I agree with Nemo's comment that "...there is a gap in the market for a program which can produce a printable table of contents..." I use Adobe Acrobat at work (I could never afford it for personal use) and, for the life of me, could never understand why it doesn't create a table of contents from the bookmarks. It seems like such an obvious enhancement.

Frank said...

Ho una lista di bookmark che vorrei evidenziare e copiare negli appunti: è possibile farlo?