Friday, July 11, 2008

JPdfBookmarks 1.2.0

Hi all, so this is the new version of jpdfbookmarks (numbered 1.2.0), and it has significant improvements over the preceding versions.

It can create different kind of bookmarks, not pointing only at top of page but also at different positions within the page, using fitting page width , page height or whole page. This is achieved through the offset controls on the right panel of the program window. They divide the width and height of the page in thousandths that you can select using the slider, so to point at half page move the slider at a 500 value, to point at 1/4 of a page set it to 250 and so on.

This of course is not very precise, so if you want more precision use the Ruler buttons. They will open a new window with a ruler in it, i will explain how to use the top ruler, the left one works the same in the horizontal direction:

  • open the PDF with your reader of choice, i will use Adobe Reader, and go to the page that is the target of your bookmark;
  • adjust the zoom to see the entire page height, on my screen 50% is ok;
  • align the first tick of of the slider (corresponding to 0) with the start of the page;
  • extend or reduce the ruler window so that the last tick (corresponding to 1000) will be aligned to the end of the page;
  • now move the slider indicator to the position where you want to point your bookmark in the page and press the send button;
now you have precisely set the position where to point in the page and if you have set the rest of options you can press apply button.

Of course the fit type option you choose from the drop down list influence the offset you can set below. If you choose "Fit Width" which is common for pdf books, you can only choose a top offset, if you choose "Fit Height" only left offset will be available and if you set "Fit Page" of course you don't need neither of them.

The "Set Top and Left" option means you want to point exactly at specific coordinates in the page, and zoom in accordance with that offsets. This is useful when you have very large pdf pages (like maps) and you want to make bookmarks pointing to specific locations in the map. There is a need for a zoom factor when you use this option but the program calculates it automatically, you only need to take the coordinates with the rulers.

In the images below i use this feature to bookmark Piccadilly Circus in the tube map of London using both the Left Ruler and the Top Ruler.

The "Destination unknown" option is to indicate all the outlines already present in the pdf that are not supported by jpdfbookmarks, meaning you cannot modify them but will be maintained when you save the file. You can use this option for example to insert a bookmark pointing to no page in the document but that is the father of other child bookmarks.

You can also choose different text styles and colors for your bookmarks, to distinguish for example chapter bookmarks from paragraph bookmarks.

Another thing i want to point your attention to, is the Tools menu which has a single item ("Change Look and Feel") to change from the standard Java look and feel to another one available on your PC.

Remember that the command line features are still available you can read about that in the post of version 1.0.0, and maybe you can also find useful information on the post of version 1.1.0.

Remember to post comments here for bug reports or suggestions.

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